300L Phoenix solar water heater

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Non-pressurized system are also called straight-in all-glass vacuum tube solar water heaters. Because the vacuum collector and water tank are sealed by sealing rubber ring, they can not withstand pressure.The non-pressure solar water heater normally uses the non-pressure water shutdown, the efficiency is high and the service life is long. The low-pressure gravity system consists of a vacuum glass tube collector, an insulated storage tank and optional stand parts (make up tank)


Due to lower pressure and stress on the tank and collectors, it has a longer life than high pressure solar systems.

Can provide hot water without external power such as pumps.

Due to its simplicity, it is usually a cheaper option .

It is more energy-efficient i.e it is highly effective in converting sunlight into heat.


Unless it is installed at a high level above the water outlets the water pressure will be very low.

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